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BHD08 Bangkok Landmark  
BHD03 Rural canal and Temple of Dawn (Wat Arun)  
RK1D05 The Bridge of River Kwai and Hellfire Pass  
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Thailand (Previously known as Siam) has been populated ever since the dawn of civilization in Asia. There are conflicting opinions of the origins of the Thais. It presumed that about 4,500 years. the Thais originated in northwestern Szechuan in China and later migrated down to Thailand along the southern part of China. They split into two main groups. You're all may wonder why this site is so different from others. It's simply because we are difference, in terms of sincere and faithful to customers. Please to see you all and hope to serve you within near future.
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Bangkok was founded in 1782 by the first monarch of the present Chakri dynasty. It is now the country’s spiritual, cultural, diplomatic, commercial and educational hub. Bangkok offers visitors the opportunity to experience fascinating glimpse of Thailand’s gentle culture amidst the bustle of a great and dynamic metropolis.
BNT01: Calypso Cabaret show
The Calypso cabaret show offer you an evening of Laughter dazzling lights, beautiful woman and a lot of fun
BNT02: Siam Niramit
Siam Niramit is a grandiose tour through Thai culture and history taking its audience back in time to mystical bygone eras. Quite rightly billed as a World Class Spectacular Show
BNT03: Dinner cruise by Chaopraya cruise
Embark aboard the cruise offer the convenient top-graded River City Pier for a cruise trip along the Chaophraya to sightsee
BNT04: Dinner Cruise by Chaopraya Princess
The Most Luxurious & Entertaining Dinner Cruise
BNT05: Dinner Cruise by Loy Nava
The River of Kings. Drifting along the most historic section of the Chao Phraya River you pass en route such magnificent landmarks as the Temple of Dawn
BNT06: Dinner Cruise by Grand Pearl
Grand Pearl Cruises provides a wide array of catering services including meetings, press conferences, public relations events, staff parties, birthday parties, dream weddings and more.
BNT07: Dinner on Sky tower and Cabaret show
Enjoy the panoramic view of Bangkok and the tasty buffet and be entertained and have fun with the Robot, the Joker and more
BNT08: Dinner and night safari
Khao Kheow Open Zoo is location 35km north of Pattaya City in the Khao Kheow-Khao Chom Poo wildlife sanctuary
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